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Motility Acquires Lot Metrix to Transform Specialty Dealerships Across the Country

2021-07-06T17:21:10+00:00July 6, 2021|

The acquisition will complement Motility’s product portfolio by providing a robust end-to-end dealer management experience.   Maitland, FL. — (PRWEB) — Motility Software Solutions today announced the acquisition of Lot Metrix, a location-based inventory management platform that revolutionizes RV dealerships with multiple locations and profit centers. The acquisition will [...]

Twosday Letter for Dealerships from Motility Software’s CEO, Brad Rogers

2022-02-22T19:51:09+00:00February 22, 2022|

Mathematicians say the number 2 is considered lucky. It's linked to sensitivity, strength, power and connection, so a date that's comprised of five 2's, is worth marking on your calendar. On this Twosday, I wanted to extend my personal gratitude for your partnership with Motility over the years. We [...]

Motility Appoints Brian Dunnam as Chief Technology Officer

2021-06-22T07:36:56+00:00April 15, 2021|

MAITLAND, FLA. (PRWEB) - Motility Software Solutions, the leading provider of dealer management software (DMS) for the specialty vehicle industry, today announced the appointment of Brian Dunnam as Chief Technology Officer. Dunnam will be responsible for continuing the transformation of Motility’s dealer management solutions into an end-to-end web platform, [...]

CallRevu Announces New Partnership with Motility Software Solutions

2021-06-22T07:33:17+00:00April 6, 2021|

Connecting Motility’s Dealer Management System (DMS) with CallRevu’s Conversation Intelligence Platform to improve the customer experience for Recreational Vehicle (RV) dealers. BALTIMORE (PRWEB) APRIL 06, 2021 CallRevu, the industry leader in automotive Conversation Intelligence featuring call data, tracking and advanced machine monitoring powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help Dealers [...]

Are Your Part Numbers Costing You Money?

2021-06-22T04:53:52+00:00March 24, 2021|

Chances are your parts department is leaving money on the table and doesn’t even realize it.  The majority of dealers that I have visited simply use supplier part numbers for parts in their inventory, and might even take the time to slap a barcode on the items before shoving them on [...]

5 Psychological Marketing Tips for Dealerships

2021-06-22T05:03:07+00:00January 18, 2021|

Communicating to consumers is sometimes a tricky and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be! Understanding the consumer mentality when they say yes to a sale is paramount for determining the right marketing strategy, and a lot of it comes down to basic psychology. 1. It’s not just what you [...]

Flat Rate and Your Shop

2021-07-06T03:27:23+00:00April 6, 2021|

I frequently talk with dealerships that have not yet adapted Flat Rate billing and technician pay programs in their service departments. Without a clear understanding of the benefits and how to effectively quote and bill repairs, moving your shop over to Flat Rate can seem daunting. There are numerous [...]

10 Reasons Why You Must Prepare an Annual Budget for Your Dealership

2021-06-22T04:59:44+00:00November 1, 2020|

1. Your management team will take ownership of monthly and annual goals. When managers bring their projections and goals to the budget meeting, the team’s mindset shifts from what the owner wants to what the departments can contribute. Managers take ownership of the plan and become more invested in the outcome. 2. People do what’s inspected, not what’s expected. Managers will track their department’s results [...]

Are Warranty Procedures Hurting Your Bottom Line?

2021-06-22T03:01:26+00:00June 22, 2020|

A large warranty receivables account or a manufacturer audit can be a serious concern for many dealerships.  Employee turnover, sloppy documentation, issues with warranty procedure compliance, inefficient paperwork processing and a lack of training can all contribute to rejected claims and lost revenue. If possible, hire a dedicated warranty administrator [...]

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