About Us

History of Motility Software Solutions

Founded in 1984, Motility Software Solutions, formerly known as Systems 2000/Sys2k, has been a trailblazer and leader in the software-solutions industry for over 34 years. Keeping that the key to success is a clean, seamless interface backed by robust data management, Motility provides specialty vehicle dealers with powerful tools to accurately measure outcomes and to meet and surpass their goals.

Motility Software Solutions commitment to advancing dealership technology goes well beyond its own prestigious client list as part of its dedication to industry success and advancement, Motility continues to forge a multitude of connections with major industry partners and regularly offers noteworthy business seminars in various locations throughout the year.

Celebrating 34 Years of Innovation (1984-2018)

1984 Systems 2000 is Founded

With the release of its MS-DOS Accounting system (and later F&I), Systems 2000 (now Sys2K) begins servicing dealerships.

1986 Integrated DMS for RV Dealers

Responding to industry demand, Sys2K builds an RV-specific DMS solution. Requests come pouring in from renowned dealers around the country.

1994 Sys2K Links to Ford Satellite

Ford Motor Corporation contracts Sys2K to develop an interface link from its MS-DOS application to the company’s new communications satellite known as FordStar.

1995 Industry’s First Windows® DMS

Sought out by Microsoft as a premier beta site for their revolutionary Windows® product, Sys2K begins working alongside the software giant on the industry’s first Windows®-based DMS solution. Galaxy for Windows® made its debut in February of 1996, six months after the release of Windows® 95.

1996 Sys2K in Coachmen Stores

Coachmen Industries selects Sys2K for its corporate-owned stores.

1998 Sys2K + GM and Daimler

General Motors selects Sys2K for its China Operations. Daimler Corporation selects the Sys2K DMS for its Setra Tour Bus Division in North America.

2001 Certifications & Expansion

At the request of DaimlerChrysler executives, Sys2K expand its reach into the automotive industry, acquiring communication certifications from all three domestic manufacturers: Ford, GM & Chrysler. Sys2K acquires the Coast Distribution dealer network, adding Coast’s Retail Connection dealers to its existing client base.

2003 Scanning, Tablets & More

Sys2K releases its driver license scanning system along with the tablet apps designed for dealership use (7 years before Apple’s iPad®). Sys2K also links with Stag-Parkway to offer unprecedented parts ordering capabilities.

2004 Inventory Made Easy

Sys2K releases its wireless physical inventory scanning interface and partners with Bell Industries for in-system parts ordering (Coast Distribution is later added 2006; NTP in 2008)

2005 Industry’s First Integrated DMS

Harnessing the limitless power of SQL Server and .Net functionality, Sys2K unveils its new Infinity DMS, built to handle infinite amounts of data, with instant multi-departmental integration from a single database. Sys2K also releases its portable unit inventory application for PDA/cell phone use.

2011 Going Mobile

Sys2K releases iPhone® inventory scanning app.

2012 Sys2K on TV

Sys2K’s unique iPad® dealership app is featured on an episode of popular reality TV series Motorhead Garage.

2013 New Tech for New Gadgets

Sys2K releases its Suite of Mobile Apps, designed for a new age of dealerships on the go. Sys2K also introduces its CloudScan document storage system.

2014 Connecting the Industry

Sys2K partners with Coach-Net to provide dealers with in-system access to the Protect suite of products. Sys2K partners with Novera Payment Solutions for secure credit card processing. Sys2K partners with American Guardian Warranty Services to offer embedded integration with AGWS products.

Innovating Beyond Tomorrow

In 2018 Sys2K entered a partnership with Serent Capital, a private equity firm, and became Motility Software Solutions. After more than 30 years we are still focused on harnessing tomorrow’s technology for today’s dealers and delivering superb customer experiences.